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Poplar Bark Siding

Timberclad Poplar Bark Siding™is an all-natural, kiln-dried product harvested from the Tulip Poplar tree. It provides a durable, low-maintenance and attractive building material for exterior cladding.

Timberclad Poplar Bark Siding™ is a natural choice for creating a unique rustic look. It can be used to clad the exterior and interior of your home or as an accent on gables and other features. Poplar Bark Siding can be found on distinct luxury homes across the U.S. and North America.

Poplar bark comes from logged Tulip Poplar trees harvested in the Appalachian Mountains during a limited season each year. Every part of a cut tree is used. Our bark is hand-peeled and cut on-site. It is then carefully carried (not pulled nor dragged) to a pallet where it is placed on slats and stacked flat. This minimizes damage, prevents "muddy bark" and maintains highest quality.

The bark is placed in a kiln and dried. With a minimum temperature of 150 degrees Farenheit, our drying process naturally destroys all insects, eggs, larvae and fungi without the use of chemicals.

When the moisture content is lowered to between 8 and 12%, the bark is removed, placed on saws and cut to standard lengths (please see Pricing for sizes). It is then loaded and banded on shipping pallets ready for delivery and installation on your home.

Without the use of chemicals or preservatives, Appalachian buildings with poplar bark siding have stood virtually impervious to time and weather for more than 75 years.