Please Note: Effective November 1st, Bridger will be known as OrePac Building Products. Thank you for your continued loyalty and we look forward to introducing our new increased product offering.

MaxiTile Fiber Cement Siding

MaxiTile Fiber Cement siding offers the look of wood with less maintenance.  MaxiTile is extremely durable and resistant to damage, making it a perfect product for use in any weather climate.  Best of all it is fire resistant!  We offer MaxiTile product in a variety of color options.  If you choose you can take the product as a plain primed material and paint or stain it to the color of your choice.  You may also choose to have the product stained or painted to one of our unique colors provided by professional pre-coaters or choose a custom color of your own and have our pre-coaters match that color.  Possibilities are endless!

Maxi Panel                                                                                                                                                        Cedar Texture

5/16"4'8'78.6lbs50 pcs/Unit
5/16"4'9'88.4lbs40 pcs/unit
5/16"4'10'98.2lbs30 pcs/unit


Maxi Plank                                                                                                                                                        Cedar Texture

5/16"6 1/4"12'6.25 sq.ft.5"360 pcs/unit
5/16"8 1/4"12'8.25 sq.ft7"230 pcs/unit


Maxi Shake                                                                                                                                                       Cedar Texture

1/4"16"48"5.333 sq.ft.1.86 lb/sq.ft.300 pcs/unit

                                                                                                     Combed Texture

Maxi Soffit

1/4"12"12'23.4 lbsVented240 pcs/unit
1/4"16"12'31.3 lbsVented180 pcs/unit
1/4"24"8'31.3 lbsVented120 pcs/unit


Bridger Board Series

Sage GreenRookwood Red
Craftsman Brown           Spaulding Gray
Diverse BeigeTony Taupe
ToastyUniversal Khaki


Cabin Creek Series

Antique Mahogany          Old Brown
Deep CedarSmoke
Smokey AlderCaramel