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Cedar Valley Shingle Systems

Cedar Valley Shingle Systems are a durable exterior siding system that consists of 8' panels, with matching corners and column wraps.  Handcrafted with 100% western red cedar shingles mounted over a fiberglass moisture barrier and strong plywood backing.  These panels are truly nature's finest siding.

With no exposed fasteners and a blind nail application, Cedar Valley's one-course cedar shingle panels create a natural appearance that is both timeless and tasteful.  Requiring only standard tools to install, this system provides quality and handcrafted results without the need for specialized labor.  The prefabricated system can be installed up to 4 times faster than individual shingles.

  • Engineered to withstand winds up to 200 mph
  • Factory finishing available.
  • Available with FTX fire retardant
  • ICC and TDI approved.

The single course panels have grown in popularity because of the unique features such as a "blind nail" application, lower waste factor and a simplified installation for today’s contractor. Single Course panels come in 3 basic sizes (Normal Sizes) 96" x 7 1/8", 96" x 5.3", 96" x 4.25"). They are also available with the following options: (Buttlines) Even or Staggered buttlines, (Thickness) 5/16” or 1/2” inch Thickbutt shingles, (Keyway Spacing) Tight or Open Keyway and (Texture) Regular, combed or Rough Textures. In addition, specialty one-course panels can be ordered in any exposure from 2-inches up to 14-inches. For coastal and high wind areas the single course panels have the greatest wind uplift resistance with test ratings exceeding 200 MPH. For custom options the 1/2" Mixed Grain Thickbutt Shingle Panels, Decorator Panels, and Custom Exposure Panels can be ordered. With greater design flexibility, blind nail application and a more seamless appearance, the Cedar Valley Single Course panel system is your best choice for a premium shingle siding.

Please see the Dimensions & Options chart below.


Nominal Size    Coverage Per PanelPanels Per 100 sq.ft.TextureButtlineCourses per panel & Exposure
96" x 7 1/8"4.75 sq.ft.21

Regular, Combed or Rough

Even or staggard1@ 7 1/8"
96" x 5.3"3.57 sq.ft28  1@5.3"
96" x 4.25"2.83 sq.ft.35  1@4.25"
96 x 14"9.33 sq.ft.10.7  1@14.0"