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TW Metal and Tile Underlayment

Tamko TW Metal and Tile underlayment is a flexible, self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet membrane with a polymeric film on the surface and a removable silicone-treated release sheet on the adhesive side.  This product is wel suited for application under metal and tile roofs where prevention of water penetration is required.

Textured surface provides skid resistance
Strong fiberglass reinforcement for added stability during installation
Split treated release film for easier installation
High temperature resistance up to 250° F
Meets ASTM D 1970 for nail sealability of self-adhering roofing underlayments
Can be left exposed for up to 90 days before application of finished roof

Membrane or primer should not be applied to damp, frosty or contaminated surfaces.
Membrane should not come into contact with products containing coal-tar pitch.
Best applied at temeratures of 35 degress or higher.

Product Data
Roll size - 200 sq.ft.
Roll dimensions - 39-3/8" x 61'
Thickness (mil) - 60 mils
Rolls per pallet - 20 rolls