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Mid States Asphalt

QUIK-Stick Ice & Water is an SBS modified self-adhering membrane reinforced with non-woven fiberglass mat for extra strength and durability. QUIK-Stick IW is a highly versatile underlayment that provides superior waterproof integrity and is an excellent second wall of defense against wind driven rain and seepage due to ice damming.

• Offers a skid resistant, granular surface

• Allows for easy installation and handling as a result of silicone treated split back release film

• Provides high temperature stability

• May be installed directly to concrete, plywood, wood composition board and gypsum

• Self seals around nails

• May be used in new construction or re-roofing

• Offers greater tear resistance than traditional felt underlayment

• Provides protection for critical areas such as rakes, eves, valleys, flashings, hips, ridges, dormers and skylights

• Provides excellent low temperature flexibility

• Florida Approval (FL #2077)

 Reference ASTM   1970  
 Thickness, min   55 mils  
 Maximum Load, min   MD=35 CD=35  
 Elongation at Break, min   30%  
 Adhesion to Plywood @ 77 °F min   20.0 lbf/ft  
 Thermal Stability, max   0.05  
 Flexibility Temperature, @ -20 °F min   pass  
 Sealability around nail   pass  
 Water Proof Integrity after Low Temp. Flex   pass  
 Waterproof Integrity of lap Seam   pass  
 Slip Resistance   pass  
 Rolls per Pallet   20  
 Roll Weight   72 lbs ± 2lbs  
 Roll Diameter   8.75 in.  
 Square feet   100/200  
 Available roll dimensions   36” x 33.4’ (100sqft)  
  36” x 66.8’ (200sqft)