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S4S Red Oak Boards

The color of red oak varies to the region in which the tree has grown.  The red oak that we carry comes from the norther region.  It is straight grained with a course textures and prominent rays.  Its color is reddish tan heartwood and narrow, almost white sapwood.  The grade is select & better and the 13/16" material features an eased edge, uniform color, tight grain all nominal size and net tally.  This is the perfect product for the retail trade. 

1x4Eased Edge
1x6Eased Edge
1x8Eased Edge
1x10Straight Line Edges
1x12       Straight Line Edges

All packs are random lenght and can not be length specified.
The grade allows for some trim back in length

The wood is hard and heavy, with medium bending strength.  It is very good for steam bending and has a great wear-resistance.  Red oak machines well, nailing and screwing are good although pre-boring is recommended.  It can be stained with a wide range of finsih tones.

Mainly used for furniture, flooring, architectural millwork and moulding.