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Smart Bit

In the past, pre-drilling was time consuming and laborious.  Bith with the introduction of the original SMART-BIT pre-drilling and countersinking could be done in one step, with one tool, more quickly and more easily than ever before.  That's smart!

And now, SMART-BIT is even smarter!  The new SMART-BIT has POWERBOLIC drill bits with special fluting that cuts through decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits.  Plus, the bits are replaceable!  Now that's SMART!

Composite decks & boardwalks
    Plastic wood composte decking, as well as purely plastic decking materials, often require pre-drilling for stainless steel deck screws due to the hardness and density of the material.  Even where the material is soft enough to not require pre-drilling, the waste material from the screw hole can form a small mound that is insightly (called "mushrooming"), a problem that can be avoided by pre-drilling.

Hardwood decks & boardwalks
    Species such as IPE and Mahogany are extremely hard and pre-drilling is highly recommended. 
Decks using hidden clip systems:
    When using hidden clip systems. it is important to remember that the first and last deck boards, as well as the facia and steps, still have to be secured with face screws.  Pre-drilling for appearances and to avoid splitting is the accepted practice.

    To avoid splitting, always pre-drill at the end of each board and where deck boards meet.  Even decking material that doesn't require pre-drilling over all still needs pre-drilling at the ends of each board.

    Regardless of the type of wood decking used, some splintering around the screw head will naturally occur if holes are not pre-drilled and countersunk.  NOt only is splintering unsightly, it can be a nuisance to pets and bare feet.  For a clean-looking safe deck, always pre-drill and countersink screws.

General Woodworking
    Although originally designed for deck building, SMART-BIT has also become popular for installing cabinets and other general woodworking applications.