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Deckfast Composite Screws

Designed to eliminate the unsightly mushrooming that can occur in compsite decking with most ordinary screws and even some composite screws, Starborn's TransVerse threading has been designed to become an industry standard.  With its corrosion resistant epoxy coating and 6 popular colors to choose from, DECKFAST composite is the choice for epoxy coated steel composite deck screws.

Selecting a color
    Consider how you will maintian your deck.  As well as the likely effects of weathering when selecting a head color for your decking.  Composite decking may be subject to various degrees of fading.

Warm GrayT-20 Star
10 x 2-1/2GrayT-20 Star
10 x 2-1/2BuckskinT-20 Star
10 x 2-1/2Tan-GrayT-20 Star
10 x 2-1/2CedarT-20 Star
10 x 2-1/2BrownT-20 Star
10 x 3Warm GrayT-20 Star
10 x 3GrayT-20 Star
10 x 3BuckskinT-20 Star
10 x 3Tan-GrayT-20 Star
10 x 3CedarT-20 Star
10 x 3BrownT-20 Star

 Note: Deck Pack unit size contains 350 screws for 100 square feet (9 square meters) of decking. [10 x 3 Deck Pack contains 265 screws for 75 square feet (7 square meters) of decking.] Pro Pack unit size contains 1,750 screws for 500 square feet (45 square meters) of decking.


Transveres Threading
    Eliminates "mushroom" effect common to composite decking installed using standard deck screws without pre-drilling by preventing debris from the hole forming a mound around the screw head.

Special Head Design
    Further prevents the "mushroom" effect by trapping and pulling back any residual debris under the head.

Epoxy Coated Steel
    Epoxy based polymer resin coating over zinc plate for excellent corrosion resistance.  The adhesion of DECKFAST's epoxy coating is one of the very best on the market.

Auger Point
    For faster, easier entry.

Star recess
    Extra deep T-20 star recess to minimize the "wobble" at screw starting found in other brands.

    DECKFAST Composite deck screws are designed to avoid the step of pre-drilling, however, it may still be desirable or necessary in some instances.  Read the manufacturer's installation instructions for the deck board you are using.