Please Note: Effective November 1st, Bridger will be known as OrePac Building Products. Thank you for your continued loyalty and we look forward to introducing our new increased product offering.
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Welcome to the Bridger Forest Products website. It is our hope that you will find our website one of the best in the industry!  We have brought together photos and information from most of our vendors, as well as some of our customers and their contractors.  On the website you will find product information, coverage and conversion factors as well as MSD sheets and other useful information. It is our goal to get as much information about our product into the hands of our customers, their customers, potential customers, and anyone just looking!

Over the years we have thoughtfully and carefully researched the market to find quality products for the best values.  The results of that work are presented here on our website!  We welcome any and all suggestions that you have to better our website, information provided here, or our service.  You, our customer, are the most valuable sources we have.

We would also like to extend a great thanks to our customers and vendors for the support you have given Bridger Forest Products throughtout the years.  We look forward to many more productive years!

Enjoy the site!